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Taking a loan with 400 Euro job is not easy. A 400 Euro job may be enough for students, housewives and pensioners to earn a small additional income. has examples

However, those who rely on the money will not be able to do much with it. Not quite without reason, the limit of the liabilit – for singles – currently at 1139.99 euros.

Summarized in keywords:

  • With the 400 Euro job, the credit chances are close to zero, unless the mini-job complements only the main income
  • The loan approval would also be conceivable together with a solvent second borrower
  • Check your credit opportunities – without risk
  • Simply apply directly without obligation your desired credit
  • In real time, the program will only show you offers that actually match your specifications

400 euros – too little for big jumps

400 euros - too little for big jumps

Life has become very expensive. In our consumer society, where buying appeal is everywhere and all goods are available in abundance, it is sometimes difficult to limit daily expenses in such a way that they harmonize with income.

Loan with 400 Euro job – despite a small income liquid

Because if everything is available, the wishes are correspondingly large and want to be fulfilled. With a 400 Euro job, however, it should be quite difficult to fulfill all wishes right from the start.

Those who only have this money at their disposal quickly reach their limits. Because with 400 euros not much can be moved.

Add to this the fact that an important investment must be made, the limits and possibilities are quickly reached or exhausted. A credit must be provided, which offers a larger financial scope and allows the purchase.

But is this all possible with a loan with 400 Euro job?

Clear rules on borrowing

Clear rules on borrowing

The banking houses in Germany are quite fixed when it comes to the award of a loan. You have clear rules and ideas about who is creditworthy so you can benefit from getting a loan.

Often the credit seekers are disappointed when they realize that their loan request can not be met. With a loan with 400 Euro job this is not different.

The 400 euros are too little to hedge a loan properly. The amount is below the seizure allowance, so that in the case of defaults, there is no access to the money for the bank.

Anyone who wants to take out a loan with 400 Euro job, must therefore neatly improve their own conditions, so that the loan can be realized. A good creditworthiness exists when there is a high income, a positive private credit and possibly material security.

Material collateral only becomes relevant if a large loan amount combined with a long maturity is needed. For a loan with 400 Euro job at least the desired income is not given.

However, these could be secured with the help of an additional borrower, so that borrowing on favorable terms would be possible.

Credit with 400 Euro job – admission

If a suitable additional borrower is found, the search for an optimal loan offer can begin. We recommend that you use our comparison calculator, which works out perfectly tailored offers for the borrower and presents them properly.

Since there are two borrowers, the bank will barely bother with the 400 euro job. Provided, of course, that the additional borrower can demonstrate a significantly higher income.

Both borrowers complete the application and must submit their documents. The money is then transferred to the account of the borrower, who is considered the principal borrower.

Who this is, can be decided individually.

Our tip:

There is less need for additional collateral for earmarked loans than for non-earmarked loans. For a loan with 400 Euro job, it would therefore be advisable to always look first for offers with a purpose, as the financed items are automatically counted as security.


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