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“Loan request” at the counter

"Loan request" at the counter

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Credit Check – Loans to the public sector

Credit Check - Loans to the public sector

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How is the loan application for a civil service loan?

How is the loan application for a civil service loan?

Online credit inquiries, which are now available to almost every financial institution, make it a snap from home, and with just a few clicks, a dream, a new vehicle or a world trip. The website makes it possible to rate the services offered quickly and easily and thus to determine exactly the performance point that best suits your own living conditions.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can in practice submit a loan application. In a credit request, the general information such. First name, last name, date and place of birth, residence and address. In addition to these personal details, the house bank first needs information about the current employer and the employment relationship itself, as well as monthly income and expenses.

If you send this information by clicking the confirmation button, the details are checked by the house bank. The first check is carried out in a standardized online procedure and time consuming. If the application is first reviewed again in this first step, the request will be sent by e-mail or letter to the borrower.

When submitting the information, credit bureau information is usually agreed upon at the same time as the information provided by credit bureau. The documents are sent to check the entered goods. First, the applicant himself checks the information for any errors. In addition, the information must be compared with an official document of an authorized body. The applicant must prove his entries to the nearest post office by presenting his ID card or passport to the postal worker.

Following this verification, the request for credit will be returned to the house bank. They vary from one bank to another, but in practice they include the accounts of the previous calendar months, the pension statement or promise and a self-declaration. Finally, the house bank checks the information provided and the attached documents again.

If all the information provided by the documents is correct and the creditworthiness of the creditor as determined by the credit bureau information is good, the financial institution will transfer the requested amount of money.